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2020-05-22 00:00Danish version

SilverStone FG1x1 LED Fan Grill

Lights in the computer are trendy, and in this review, we have to look at some fan grills from SilverStone with light built-in.


SilverStone FG1x1 Fan Grill


Packing and content.

The grills are packed in small blister packs and you can see the product itself in the pack. So you have no doubt whatsoever about what you buy.


SilverStone FG1x1


Inside the package, you will find the grill itself with a bag of screws.


SilverStone FG1x1


Technical specifications.

I have received the grills in both 140mm and 120mm versions. As you can read, it's 12V RGB, which is pretty important. So you have to be sure you have a controller for that. Many new motherboards and controllers are 5V ARGB, and not 12V RGB. No controller is included, so you must have it in advance.

  • Model No. SST-FG141
  • Material Plastic fan grille and 28 pcs RGB LED Strip
  • Pin definition +12V, G, R, B*
  • Application 140mm fan grille, LED kit
  • Rated Voltage 12V DC
  • Rated Current 0.56 A
  • Net weight 45g
  • Dimension 140mm (W) x 140mm (H) x 6mm (D) / 5.51" (W) x 5.51" (H) x 0.24" (D)


  • Model No. SST-FG121
  • Material Plastic fan grille and 24 pcs RGB LED Strip
  • Pin definition +12V, G, R, B*
  • Application 120mm fan grille, LED kit
  • Rated Voltage 12V DC
  • Rated Current 0.48 A
  • Net weight 42g
  • Dimension 120mm (W) x 120mm (H) x 6mm (D) / 4.72" (W) x 4.72" (H) x 0.24" (D)


Let's have a closer look.

The grills are made of plastic in a nice SilverStone logo design. There is a ring of LEDs around the edge that lights up.


SilverStone FG1x1


The plugs on the cord are a system connector for SilverStone's controllers and a standard RGB connector that you can connect directly to the motherboard. Unfortunately, there is no way to extend in a daisy chain, which would otherwise have been great.


SilverStone FG1x1


The test, how's the light.

These grills actually look pretty cool when you turn them on. Here they are both at full power on light, so they glow white.


SilverStone FG1x1


This is the 140mm version with green light. As you can see, there is a fairly good distribution of light.


SilverStone FG1x1


The red one is a bit more subdued, but it is totally natural as it is a paler colour.


SilverStone FG1x1


The blue lights up and quite nice. I do not have a dedicated controller, so I cannot make all sorts of colours, it would be possible with a controller.


SilverStone FG1x1


What is my opinion of SilverStone FG1x1.

I know these fan grills may be of a slightly older date, but it certainly doesn't make them any worse or uglier.

I definitely think they are cool and you can get some pretty cool effects out of these grills as you can change color as you like with a controller.

These grills cannot be run as stand-alone as you need a controller. It is a bit unfortunate that you do not have the opportunity to run them with the standard colors, possibly directly on a molex connector or something like that. It had been quite easy and cheap to make that opportunity.


You can buy the 140mm model for just over DKK 130 in Danish webshops and the 120mm model for just over DKK 80.

My overall assessment.

In fact, I think you get a good product for the money, and you get the opportunity to put some color on your setup. However, I think it's a shame that you can't use the sets for anything unless you have a controller for them. I miss a small kind of controller where you could just choose a standard color. A bit like the fan kits I last reviewed from SilverStone. This means that I want to give these products a nice SILVER rating.

Read more about the products here:



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