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SilverStone ARM12 Monitor Arm

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2020-09-25 00:00

- Review / Monitor -

SilverStone ARM12 Monitor Arm

In this review, we are going to look at a monitor arm with adjustable gas spring and super easy installation from SilverStone. They call it ARM12 and it is designed for 1 monitor.



Packing and content.

The box you receive is a heavy but neutral box. There are illustrations on the outside that show what the box contains.



Inside the box, everything is neatly packed separately in different plastic bags. It provides a good overview, so the whole assembly is easy to go to.



All screws are nicely marked so that you can follow the installation instructions, and there are tools for the assembly and adjustment of the arm itself, and there is even a screwdriver at the end of one of the Allen keys, so you can mount the screen without the use of additional tools. It is great that everything is applied.



The technical specifications.

Note that the arm can handle screens up to 36" which is quite a lot. However, the screen may weigh a maximum of 12 kg, which is also quite a lot. It is standard VESA mounting, so you just have to be sure that the screen you want to use with the arm has that.

  • Model No. SST-ARM12B
  • Color Black
  • Material Aluminum & steel
  • Support flat panel size 17” ~ 36”
  • Swivel ±90°
  • Tilt +90° / -15°
  • Loading 3 kg ~ 12 kg (6.6 lbs. ~ 26.5 lbs.) based on flat-screen
  • Rotate(Pivot) 360°
  • Extended arm provided 2
  • Installation Clamp / grommet approach
  • VESA mount 100 mm x 100 mm / 75 mm x 75 mm
  • Desk thickness support ≦100mm
  • Net weight 2.9Kg (6.4 Ibs)
  • Dimension 622mm (W) x 525mm (H) x 97mm (D)


A look at the product.

The screen can be turned both vertically and horizontally on the stand, as you can rotate the screen, depending on what you need to do. It can be an advantage if you have to chat, or write documents or do other things, where it is most convenient to have a vertical screen instead of horizontal.



There are cable guides both on the arm itself and down on the back of the base, so that the cables do not hang loosely. They are led nicely down under the table so that you do not notice them as much.




You can mount the stand in two ways, either as a clamp on the table edge, or you can drill a hole in the table, so you are absolutely sure that the arm is really well fixed. However, there are rubber feet for both methods, so it is generally firmly attached to the table.




The clamping system is also made so that the clamp fits on both thin and thick tables, and you can move the clamp depending on which table you have. It provides better stability in the assembly.



Use and test.

Of course, I have been using the arm for a while, but since my office is not suitable for pictures, I choose to use the manufacturer's pictures and explain from them.

The arm is incredibly flexible and easy to operate. You can easily and effortlessly rotate and angle the screen according to your needs.



Not only can the head of the arm itself tilt the screen up and down, it can also turn to the sides. This means you actually have as many as 3 joints the whole arm can turn on. It provides very flexible setting options.



The VESA bracket itself is mounted with a snap lock, so the screen can be mounted quickly. You do not have the problem on holding the screen on the arm while mounting it, it can all be mounted securely on the table, and then be clicked on the arm itself afterwards. It's pretty cool.



The arm itself can tilt up and down, and the screen is held vertically all the time in the position you have now chosen the screen to have. So you do not have to readjust the actual tilt of the screen if you move the screen up and down.



You can adjust the arm according to how much the screen weighs. That is why you can use a screen from 3 to 12kg on this arm. This means that the screen stays in exactly the position you need. It is generally a cool system, and after adjustment you can adjust the screen without any problems, as it feels 'weightless'.



What is my rating of SilverStone ARM12.

I definitely think SilverStone has made a great product.

In my previous review of an arm from ARCTIC, I had problems with the arm making marks in my table. There was simply no protection for the table in the form of rubber feet or anything for the stand. SilverStone has thought about that, for which I am very grateful.

The arm is nice and tidy and there is a nice SilverStone logo on the side of the arm. It can be adjusted to all the needs you could wish for from such an arm, which is awesome.

There are cable guides down along the entire arm, and all the way down under the table, which means the cables can be hidden all the way. It is super nice that you do not have to sit and look at the cable clutter between the screen and the table, when you want the cables tucked away neatly.

The quality seems solid and sturdy, which is important when mounting your expensive screen on the arm. That way you do not risk it falling on the table in the middle of it all. This is provided by the hydraulic spring, which can be adjusted according to how heavy the screen is.

The practical bracket for the screen is also great, so you can mount the screen on a safe surface, so you do not have to fumble with your arm and monitor at the same time. It makes the whole assembly much easier.


I have been informed the price of ARM12 to be 700 DKK in Danish retail price and ARM22 (For mounting 2 screens) costs around 1800 DKK.

My overall assessment.

If you look at what you get for your money and what other manufacturers' arms cost for a similar product, this arm is at the pricy end. I already have an ARCTIC arm for 2 monitors, and this one also has a USB 3.0 hub built into the base. That arm costs just under 800 DKK. So giving 700 DKK for this arm is in my opinion a high price. It makes me give this arm a SILVER rating, because all other things are quite good on the arm, however product and price are not quite related in my opinion.

read more about the product here:



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