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2017-08-03 19:00Danish version

SteelSeries Siberia Elite Headset

Hello. My name is Emil, and this is my first article on the blog.

My first review is of a SteelSeries Siberia Elite Gaming Headset.

Let's get started.


First, we take a look at the packing.

The box.

Box Front


At the front of the box you can clearly see what you bought. There is a nice picture of the headset itself and descriptions of what it has achieved from prices, such as the Reddot price.


Box Back


Here at the back of the box, you can read a little bit about what features the headset has. Among other things, it shows about the RGB lighting, which is built into the headset.


Inner box


After we have removed the cardboard box from the box, we are greeted by a nice SteelSeries logo. Here before separating the 2 box halfs and looking at the headset.


Open Inner Box


Once we have lifted the cover of the box, we will be greeted by a really beautiful headset if I should say so. In the way you open it and find it, I think it's very special when you see the headset directly when lifting the lid.


Content and Accessories.



When we come to the content we have 1 pc. User manual and 1 pc. SteelSeries sticker. With this manual, SteelSeries has made it easy for us. They have chosen to show it all with a lot of pictures that are easy to understand.


Computer Converter


The next thing we find is this converter from headset to computer. SteelSeries has again made it easy for us. Here they have chosen to make the same input connector on all their accessories. As you will see further down in the article. This accessory is 12.5 cm long.


Mobile Converter


Here we have a piece of accessory designed for when you're out of the house. You can hear music on your mobile. This accessory is 10 cm long.


Soundcard 1

Soundcard 2

Soundcard 3


Here we have a couple of pictures of the sound card that comes with the headset. There are 2 different options for connection.

You can use the special SteelSeries connector, which allows you to use all the features of your headset. If you do not use the special plug, you may not, for example, be able to use the light function in the headset.

You can also connect your SteelSeries headset to the two mini jack jacks, but then you can not use the light in your headset. These connectors are more likely to be used with a different headset than SteelSeries.


Extension Cable


Finally, we have an extension cable from the headset output to any other accessory that comes with the headset. This accessory is 2m long.

Technical specifications.

  • The headset:
  • Frequency: 16-28000 Hz
  • Impedans: 32 Ohms
  • Cable length: 1.2 M
  • Microphone:
  • Type: Universal-directional
  • Frequency: 75-16000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: -38dB 


The headset.

Headset 1


Now we have reached to the headset itself. As I wrote before, this headset looks really cool. Not only does the headset have a super cool design, but it's also big and robust. You can feel it's a headset made for comfort. So everyone can use it as the bracket itself expands when you put it on. That way, the headset fits all, even those with big and small heads.

The ear cushions measure 11.5 cm. On the outside, and the hole for the ears is 5.5 cm in diameter. That's why I want to call this headset an on-ear headset.


Headset 2


Here on the left side of the headset there is a rotary button built into the headset. It turns off and turns on the microphone. When the microphone is turned off, it is shown by turning on the light in the microphone.


Headset 3


On the right side of the headset, we see another button you can turn on. This controls the volume of the headset, which is reasonably convenient. So if you have everything on 100% audio on your PC, you can turn this button, and adjust the volume accordingly.

Then you may be wondering what is the AUX output? You see, I thought the same, but it's simple if you're out of the house and maybe meeting with a friend, so he / she can just put your headset for you, also listen to your music. Smart not?


The light.

Headset 3


Then we have come to the smart light that is in the headset. Since this headset has RGB, it's a really colorful headset. With the RGB function, the headset can switch between 16.8 million colors, it should be plenty to satisfy everyone.


SteelSeries Engine Software.

SteelSeries Engine v3


Here we take a quick look at Steelserie's engine, where we can see the different settings.

There is a nice selection of what you can get your headset to do regarding the light.

On the equalizer, you can also make profiles according to what game you play, so you can choose how the frequencies should be when playing shooting games and when playing Mmos, etc.


The microphone.

Microphone 1


According to the microphone. Right now it is pushed into the actual ear cup on the left side.


Headset 5


If you are going to talk to the guys, then you may want it pulled out. It is 13 cm when fully extended. It is easy to adjust, so you can easily eat and drink while it is pulled out.

The microphone itself has a nice sound. It clearly captures what you say, and it can clearly be used to talk to Skype, Discord or whatever you are using.


Microphone 2


Here we have the microphone in the muted state, and as we can see, the headset shows it by turning on the white light in the microphone.


Headset 6


My oppinion.

Now it's time to come up with my own opinion and judgment of the headset.

To start with, I really love this headset. Mostly because it's so comfortable, especially with the memory foam in the ear cups, the soft leather on the outside, and the really high sound quality.

You get value for money (1500kr) for the sound, light, looks and comfort. This headset is for you who play games solo for the most part because it's good, so you do not get pain in your ears, and take it from me as I have pretty big ears.

But it's the perfect gaming headset for him / her who sits and plays himself.

There is also the same good comfort and sound quality in all your multi player games as your single player game. If I were to get an example, you can hear from the COD BO2Z (Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies) if there is a zombie on the way from behind and ready to nail you.

Well, with all that said, I will rate this headset. I choose to give it a nice silver star.




HwT: ModMic 5

HwT: TP-Link LB130 Smart RGB Bulp

HwT: TP-Link LB120 Smart Bulp

HwT: TP-Link Smart Home Plug HS-100

HwT: UE WonderBoom Speaker

HwT: Razer BlackWidow Chroma v2

Valve is changing gifting system

HwT: Razer Ornata CHROMA Keyboard

HwT: Blue YETI Microphone