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2017-07-05 15:00Danish version

Paracon TALON Gaming Headset

Now it's time for a listening test again. In this review, I will listen to a set of Paracon TALON, which geekunit has been nice to send me.


Paracon Logo


Paracon is a new brand which geekunit is importing. It is an affordable priced series that will act as entry level products for the new gamer. So, new cool products at an affordable price.


Let's look at the packaging and the content.

I have already reviewed several Paracon products on the blog, and the packaging is largely the same. It is a box in black, white and blue colors. The information on the box is quite sparse, but there is just what you need to know on the package. However, there are usually no illustrations of the appearance of the product, which I miss.


Paracon TALON Packing


Inside the box we find the headset. It is packed well into bubble plastic so it does not get damaged during transport.


Paracon TALON Content



In the box you will find nothing but the headset itself, so there is not really anything to write about it.


The technical specifications.

As you can read, the headset does not weigh very much, and it's a so-called Over-Ear headset. The cable length is 1.5 meters and it is a headset with Virtual 7.1 Surround. It will be exciting to hear how it plays.

  • Name: Paracon
  • Weight (g): 350

    Technical details
  • Connection: Cable
  • Ear-cup size: Over-ear

  • Frequency (Hz): 20 - 20.000
  • Sound standard: Virtuel 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Unit size (mm): 40
  • Magnet: Neodymium
  • Sensitivity (DB): 98
  • Impedans (Ohm): 32

  • Sensitivity (DB): -52
  • Type: Omni-directional
  • Microphone type: Stereo

    System demands
  • Connector: USB
  • Compatibility: PC,Mac,Playstation 3,Playstation 4
  • OS: Windows, Mac OS

  • Cable length: 1.5 meter
  • Light: Ja


Let's take a look at the headset.

Paracon TALON is super light with only 350 grams. It is reasonably flexible and all cushions are in leather.


Paracon TALON Overview


The ear pads are about 6 cm in the hole, and 10 centimeters on the outside. It gives plenty of room for the ears so they do not get squeezed.


Paracon TALON Ear-Cups


The microphone sits on a thin swan neck and you can adjust it as you want. It actually seems to hold the shape no matter how you shake your head. I have before seen such a thin swan neck be much more loose, so it changed shape over time. But that does not apply this one.


Paracon TALON Left


The headset actually fits quite well on the head, it does not seem to squeeze too much or too little. It's just right. If it's also good when wearing glasses, I'll tell you in the test section further down.


Paracon TALON Right


The ear cups seem pretty cool on the outside. There are nice blue markings, and a Paracon logo is printed in the middle of the ear cup. The light in the ear cups can be turned on, I'll show it down in the test section.


Paracon TALON Ear-Cup


The actual extraction is made in plastic as the rest of the headset. It's both good and bad, depending on the design. Apparently it seems that it holds the position it's put in, and it runs quite tight so that it does not move in the heat of battle.


Paracon TALON Extension


Around 60 centimeters down the cord is a remote control. On it you will find buttons for light, microphone and volume. The distance fits well, as the remote control can be placed evenly on the table when you are sitting at the computer.


Paracon TALON Remote


It's probably also why the rubber feet have been put on the remote control. So it can lie on the table.


Paracon TALON Remote


At the end of the cable we find a nice USB connector. This plug is not gold plated on the outside, but the contacts inside are. The cable is in nylon, which is actually very nice. Then you do not have problems with the noise in the ear cups when the cable rubs up clothes or other things.


Paracon TALON Connector


Then it's time to listen to the headset.

I used the headset for a week. Computer games have been played and listened to music.


The comfort.

At first glance, when you unpack the headset, you think, "Good I did not pay more for this rattle." It immediately seemed a bit sloppy and cheap.

As the days passed, the headset grew more and more on me, and I actually think it's quite good and comfortable to wear.

With regard to wearing glasses, it's no problem at all, even after several hours of use. So you should not be afraid.


The sound.

Having said that the headset seemed cheap. You be VERY positively surprised when you turn on the headset and start the music.

This headset actually plays amazingly well, considering the price. It has a reasonably well tuned bass, but most of all, it has some nice details in the sound. The treble and the middle tones are very good, and I can actually listen to the sound without adjustments. It's very rare, that I do not need to adjust at all, but I did not have to do that with this headset at all.

The amplifier is not the strongest I've heard, but it plas loud enough for me not to need more. I'm pleasantly surprised by the sound in this headset.

When we talk about 7.1 surround sound, it's probably not this headset you're going to bet on. The headset does not have any drivers where you can adjust anything, and I can not hear the virtual surround. Inside the Windows default settings, you can turn some features on and off, but it's VERY basic.

Personally, I would bet on this headset as a reasonably good stereo headset, and turn off all other features.


The driver.

Since there is no specific driver for the headset, I will not write anything about the driver. It is a standard Windows driver that is being used, and it is very limited what you have of options for adjusting the sound in this driver.


The microphone.

I have made a few recordings of the microphone so you can hear how it works with and without background noise.

As you can hear, the microphone captures my voice, no sound or noise on the microphone. It is actually quite good.




The same applies when background noise occurs. You can clearly hear my voice, even though there is quite a lot of noise in front of me. This indicates that there is noise reducing microphone in this headset, even though it is not mentioned in the specifications.




The light.

The headset has built-in light in both remote control and ear cups. You can turn the light on and off in the ear cups as needed, which is very nice.

The light in the ear cups is nice subdued, so you do not have two spotlights on the ears. Which is actually very nice.


Paracon TALON Ear-Cup Light


The light in the remote control is also very nice looking. There is actually light in both buttons on the remote control, I just forgot to turn it on for the microphone when I took the picture. I am sorry about that. But it looks nice.


Paracon TALON Remote Light


My opinion.

I finished my test of Paracon TALON. And I am mildly said pleasantly surprised.

When you think about, that this headset has a normal price of 349 DKK, and at the time of writing is offered at 299 DKK, you get a lot of sound for your money

This is an absolutely excellent starting headset for the less demanding. But, in fact, It can also go for the more demanding listener like me.

If you only ignore the Virtual Surround and special driver features, you get an excellent sound image with this headset. The treble gives you all the details of both music and games. The deep tones are well tuned and punch where they should. All in all, the sound is just really good.

Not only that, you also get a good microphone, which apparently is noise reducing. So it removes some of the noise around you when you use the headset.

The actual build quality is perhaps a little low. Somewhere, something must be saved and for once it does not seem like it's on the sound quality this has happened. Which is great.

My rating of the headset will be a nice SILVER star. This headset should not be missed if you want good sound for a cheap price.

Read more about Paracon Talon here.


Silver Star Rating



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